As creators work to create inclusive worlds in their books, films, comics, TTRPGs, and other creations, they naturally bump into questions about representation of Native and Indigenous characters.

Join experts from Salt and Sage Books in a conversation about how to approach Native and Indigenous characters in your fiction.


  • 60 minutes of conversation with Salt and Sage Books’ Native and Indigenous editors
  • 30 minute Q&A following

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Photo of Basil
Basil Wright

Basil (They/He/Xe) is a writer and sensitivity reader who has primarily worked with TTRPG writers to ensure their games are inclusive and welcoming to all. They love D&D, anime, and otome games.

As a Black and Indigenous person, Basil is comfortable reading works written in AAVE and works that address multiple identities. Their favorite genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Action.

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Ronkwahrhakhóna D

Ronkwahrhakónha was raised in two storytelling cultures. Whether it was the indigenous stories their father told them at bedtime, or ones from the Torah that they heard in school or synagogue, Ronkwahrhakónha has always been enchanted by the power of stories.

Ronkwahrhakónha approaches sensitivity reading through the lens of story medicine. Their culture teaches that stories have incredible power to bring comfort, escape, or teach powerful and important lessons.

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