As creators seek to develop more inclusive worlds, they naturally bump into gendered stereotypes—and gendered advice!

Join experts from Salt and Sage Books in a conversation about how to approach non-binary, genderqueer, and trans characters in fiction.


  • 60 minutes of conversation with Salt and Sage Books’ trans, non-binary, and genderqueer editors
  • 30 minute Q&A following

Taye Timko

Taye strives to make sure her readers feel supported, respected and does everything to make sure their voices are heard as they accurately represent minority communities. As a person of color, she strives to accurately represent diverse groups of writers. 

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Mya Alexice

Mya is a poet, writer, and reader with a neverending TBR pile and a cat named Ramen. They are currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in poetry and teaching English composition at the university level. Interested in catching inconsistencies and plot holes, they seek to help every writer succeed.

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Basil Wright

As a Black and Indigenous person, Basil is comfortable reading works written in AAVE and works that address multiple identities. Their favorite genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Action, but they’re open to other genres as well.

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Cameron Van Sant

Cameron Van Sant is an editor who wants to see every writer succeed. He has experience editing creative works, professional reports, and academic writing. His attention to detail and his thoughtful advice guides writers to make their work that much more impactful, entertaining, and provoking. 

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